Back row, l to r: Mayor Al Cerny, Council President Ashley Lozano, Vice-President Kristi Drey; Front row, l to r: Cory Graber, Guhner Kepler, and Maurice Schlaht; Not pictured, Darwin Grim.
Mayor: Al Cerny (two-year term expires May 2024)
Council Members:
Ward I: Kristi Drey (two-year term expires May 2024)
Ward I: Guhner Kepler (one-year term expires May 2025)
Ward II: Cory Graber (two-year term expires May 2025) 
Ward II: Darwin Grim (two-year term expires May 2024)
Ward III: Maurice Schlaht (two-year term expires May 2025) 
Ward III: Ashley Lozano (two-year term expires May 2024)

Planning & Zoning Commission

The Planning and Zoning Commission is a volunteer board that reviews and makes recommendations to the city council on land use and development applications, assists in updating the city's comprehensive plan and proposes amendments to related ordinances.