Lead-Free SD Flyer

Public Asked to Help with Statewide Lead Service Line Inventory

Drinking water is free of lead when it leaves the water treatment plant - however, water can absorb lead if it travels through lead pipes on its way to your faucet. The City of Gregory Public Works Department is working hard to confirm that all of Gregory is lead-free, but we need your help!
Please take five minutes to complete this survey at survey.SDWaterPipes.com to complete a quick assessment of your water pipe. After the survey is complete, the City of Gregory will be notified of your findings through the survey.SDWaterPipes.com program. Every home and business on City water must be accounted for through the survey.

Use of the Electronic Survey is encouraged!

Open the camera app on your smartphone, hover over the QR code and tap the link to get to the survey.

If you prefer a paper copy, please call Gregory City Hall to request.

Questions? Contact Public Works at (605) 835-8270 Press 4