Bid Notice for Demolition and Disposal of Structure

The City of Gregory will accept bids for the Demolition and Disposal of the structure at 524 E 6th St, Gregory, SD 57533 (located on the corner of 6th St. & Logan Ave). The application shall include both the demolition cost of the structure, as well as the cost of hauling/disposal of materials. There will likely be trees that need to be removed as part of the demolition; the trees that need to come off the lot for the work to be completed will be agreed upon by both the city and the bid winner. The demolition and disposal shall be completed within sixty (60) days of the acceptance of the bid.
The City of Gregory will remove the vehicles from the property prior to the demolition and back-fill the lot with dirt when the demolition and disposal are completed.
Please submit bids to the City of Gregory, 120 W 6th St, PO Box 436, Gregory, SD 57533 by June 3, 2024 by 5:00 p.m. in a sealed envelope that is marked "524 E 6th St Demolition & Disposal".
All bid applications shall include proof of liability insurance.
If questions, please contact Finance Officer Trudy Waterman at (605) 835-8270 Ext. 3.